Open Call

Courage to freedom?

Freedom has fallen into disrepute. Functionally obstructed, hijacked and dumped - not only within the programmatic chains of exploitation of political parties.
Do we need new of everyday life myths, new patterns for our spiritual existence, a new order of reality? Does freedom enable new visions? A different art, a different politics, a different life?


The old narratives have served their time. When we create, we liberate ourselves - towards a positive freedom, not just being free of something, but freedom for something.
From subject to project.

We invite artists and creative collectives to put their notions, thoughts and ideas on freedom into format with us: freedom books. Printed and bound, freedom books are visual notes, drafts, settings, fragments, aphorisms, vignettes, allusions, refractions, tapeworms on freedom. For freedom.

In concrete terms this means:

  • Send us a PDF, which sketches your idea on (at least) 3–5 pages
  • Photos, text(s) and illustrations are welcome
  • Additional short information about you (e.g. websites, work samples)

Up until when?

Deadline for submitting your concept is 27 April 2020

Send it where?

per Mail to:

And then what?

We will pick four projects from all submissions. Printing costs, visual editing, layout and production are covered by the publisher. The artist will receive a 50% share of the revenue from the sale.

The format?

freedom books are expected to be produced as follows (subject to change):
Number of pages: 32, print-run: 650 copies, format: 171 x 210 mm, print: 4/4 color

Send your concept by 27 April 2020 as PDF to

May the visual impatience be with you!


  • With best regards
    Ute, Lucia und Florian


more thoughts and reflections on the concept of freedom books